About EPI Health

EPI Health is Dermatology

EPI Health is a growing specialty pharmaceutical company based in Charleston, South Carolina. Our goal is to deliver best-in-class medicines that address important medical needs in dermatology.

EPI Health is a valued leader in Dermatology

Based in Charleston, South Carolina since 2017. EPI Health is committed to being a valued leader in dermatology by providing safe, beneficial, and effective medications to the dermatology community and the patients they serve, while enriching the lives of our employees through an enjoyable and rewarding and work environment. Our core values include Collaboration, Trust, Accountability and Transparency.

As a leader in Dermatology, expanding our portfolio to help address some of the issues faced by almost 8 million people in the US with psoriasis aligns with our mission to provide safe, beneficial, and effective medications to the dermatology community.” – John Donofrio, President of EPI Health

“EPI Health partners with the best people in our industry who share our commitment to the dermatology community and their patients” – Brett Fair, Vice President of Commercial Operations & Strategy

“Our key purpose is to provide safe, effective products. Ensuring that we provide the best support to health care practitioners.” – John Donofrio, President of EPI Health.